A short history of my Porsche 911

A short history of my Porsche 911

My Porsche 911 piece heaven is from 1975. Normally that would mean that I would be one of the last to miss out on Porsche’s fully galvanized chassis from 1976. That is pretty much like almost making it to the lifeboats on board the Titanic.

But I’m lucky, since my 1975 model is from November that year, when Porsche had already retooled their production line for 1976. So the chassis has had its dip in magic anti-rust potion.

The car’s documented history begins in 1986, when it imported by VW Denmark. Unfortunately the did not keep the old records, so the first 10 years of my Porsches life remain a mystery. My best guess is that it is a US model which within the first few years got a repaint from black to blue metallic.

VW sold the car to a C. Andreasen who painted it white. After owning it for 7 years he sold it to a C. Hooge who swapped the engine with a 3.0, installed Super Carrere rear fenders and a roll cage and used it to race around Jyllandsringen.

My Porsche 911 history

In 1997 the car went to a new owner, A. Oxholm out of Birkerød who in 2006 sold it to T. Tanev. He began a major restoration effort which involved a new 2.7 engine and a yet another new coat of paint in its original sinister black.

My Porsche 911 history

I bought the car in 2012. During the winter the gearbox and clutch were restored and the engine had a top end overhaul. The alternator has also been rebuilt and mechanically the car is in pretty good shape right now.

After a long trip to Le Mans Classic 2014 through Italy and France, the engine needed a major rebuild. Fortunately, I was able to source a great 3.0 litre engine, that got upgraded with 3.2 Max Moritz cylinders and pistons. Now the car is a little rocket. But I have more projects in the pipeline. 

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  • Jerome Krause
    Posted at 18:35h, 01 September Reply

    The 911 you own certainly has a ‘colorful’ history; it looks to be an experienced and worthy car, plus your entire blog is truly delightful; congratulations on it. As the owner of a 1974 911 (with a 1975 engine in it) I naturally am interested in what you are attempting to do, as well as reading your broader perspectives on your ‘Porsche adventure’. Whenever another NLA part breaks on my car I become dejected because of the downtime it will cause, so it is uplifting to read your positive attitude and optimistic view of the future, happily driving your vintage Porsche.

    Keep up the great work.

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