To hot rod your Porsche 911 or not

Should you hot rod your Porsche 911 or not?

There are two schools, when it comes to old men in old Porsches. One school clings to the dogma of conservatism. They believe that what was will always be better than what is. Mary Pickford equals good; Natalie Portman equals bad. So accordingly a proper Porsche 911 should be as pristine and original as the day it rolled off the factory floor and as immaculate as the Virgin Mary as a foetus.

Then there’s the other school. They believe in this thing called “fun”. So they do that Porsche owners have done throughout the years: They rebuild and modify their rides to make them go faster around corners and look better doing it.

I am not blind. I can recognize the beauty of an original 911 from the late sixties. With its narrow body and elegant lines it is a true classic car. One, which you need to drive with a bit of reverence.


Not a hot rod Porsche 911

But I am looking for something different. Because, let’s face it, a mid-70’s 911 with a 2.7 engine and huge US safety bumpers is probably the most boring of the lot. So I might as well forget about being part of the beauty pageant and go for my own style instead.

The previous owners have done their part already. When I bought the car it had the wide fenders and the front spoilers of a Super Carrera. So from here on it’s just a question of picking up where others have left off. With enough time and money I might one day end up with something like this: 


A hot rod Porsche 911

A hot rod from California. 3.4 liter, compression 10:3.1, dual spark plugs, GE-60 camshafts. Elephant and Tarett racing suspension. 225 and 235 R888’s on 15 “7’s and 8’s. Lexan windows. Combat weight 973 kg., with 278 hp at the rear axle.

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  • Chris Pomares
    Posted at 21:13h, 19 May Reply

    Love your car. I work on mostly pre 1974 cars being taken back to stock.They look beautiful but lack the fun factor I look for. They are worth the big dollars to the investors in their garage but the are meant to be driven in MHO. The E’s and S’s are enjoyable but lack the balance I look for unless they are flared to handle the extra 100 pounds of that big 6. As for my personal car, give me a Rgruppe 911, Outlaw 356, or in my case a Renegade POLO 912. A 2.4 liter 4 from 3.6 liter 6 components,11.3 CR, ported twin plug heads with titanium valves, good for 7200 rpm, full engine management, and 2150 pounds. It might not run like the latest water cooled cars. But with about 185 hp to the rear wheels it will hang with the stock 3.2 liter and older cars just fine.

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