porsche 911 rs 1973

Afternoon at the Museum

Afternoon at the Museum

This Sunday the Formula One circus moved to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the 50th running of the Canadian Grand Prix. Normally I would glue my eyelids top and bottom to the TV screen for qualifying, the warm-up studio chit-chat, the actual race and those endless hours of post-race analysis.

But this Sunday I had a very peculiar and quite unpleasant experience. I felt a pang of conscience as I looked at the warm, blue summer sky and at my immensely patient and hard-suffering girlfriend who had a look on her face like a Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

I did the only sensible thing and turned on the telly to drown that booming inner voice yelling: “Get your lazy arse off the couch!” But as it turned out our cable was broken. Again.

So we got into the car and drove up north for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and their Pop Art Exhibition. A pretty clever move on my part. Because what was parked in the museum parking lot?


Porsche 911 RS 1973
Porsche 911 RS 1973
Porsche 911 RS 1973

It’s clearly a driver’s car. Because it’s worn by heavy use and the paint is chipped here and there. And I guess it’s a replica. But then again: I honestly don’t know.

Does anyone here know the car? And is it really a 911 RS ’73?

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