ducktail missing

Put that ducktail on!

Put that ducktail on!

The design of the Porsche 911 is from a simpler time, when cars were not designed on the computer and in the wind tunnel by engineering students with pimpled pizza faces and a “GAHARR HARR” nervous laugh should they gaze upon a female ankle. While they had a rudimentary understanding of aerodynamics back then, the practical implication was often this: “If it looks good, it probably is”.

And there’s no doubt that Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche’s design was easy on the eye with its characteristic Fliessheck.

In need of a ducktail

Trouble is that Butzi’s lines have the aerodynamic properties of an American football. So the front and rear will lift at high speeds. Anyone who has driven a classic 911 past 150 km/h can testify to this.

The solution is simple and will appeal to anyone who ever slowly caressed the pages of any of the world’s car magazines. Put on a spoiler. Front and back. They won’t create down force as if your 911 suddenly becomes a Formula One car, but they will provide a better aerodynamic flow which decreases lift:

Here's why you need a ducktail
Here's why you need a ducktail


Unfortunately most spoilers are uglier than Michelle Bachmann’s soul. As a matter of fact there’s only one that you can put on your Porsche without suffering eternal damnation: The classic ducktail from the most coveted classic 911 of them all: The 2.7 RS 1973 model.

A ducktail

So your car needs one of those. But that’s another story for another day, since there are so many different aftermarket parts to choose from in a wide range of prices and qualities. 
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  • Paul
    Posted at 04:16h, 04 July Reply

    OK … I’ll bite… What aftermarket sources for a Duck Tail is/are the best?

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