911 ST replica

The perfect and the best – two Porsche 911 ST replicas

Two Porsche 911 ST replicas – the perfect and the best

There are a great many Porsche 911 ST replicas out there. Next after the RS rebuilt it’s probably the most popular choice among owners of classic 911s looking to hot rod their cars.

I have picked two favourites. One is an immaculate rebuilt by British Porsche specialist Paul Stephens. It is the kind of thing that will turn heads and give you sleepless nights, where you stare into the darkness and wonder: “Did I really lock the garage door?”

Just take a look at this stunner:

911 ST replica
911 ST replica

The car began is life as a 1972 911S and has had an extensive rebuild including hand-formed steel body work. Other changes include a 2.7RS spec engine with a 7R magnesium crankcase, genuine 8″ and 9″ Fuchs wheels, original Recaro rally seats, 85 litre RS fuel tank and a tach that goes all the way to a howling 10,000 rpm.

The craftmanship and attention to detail is pretty damn close to perfect.

911 ST replica

The other car is not near as immaculate. Pretty far from it actually. There’s chipped paint, there’s corrosion, and all the shiny bits have definitely seen better days.

But that’s because it is a car that has been built with one purpose in mind: To be used! To be driven hard on tracks and daily around the countryside. Behind all the dirt and grime it has been modified to be an even more spectacular performance machine than the day it rolled out of the factory. It’s a driver’s car, not a museum exhibition piece.

911 ST replica

The front and rear bumpers are fibreglass. And the rear flares are from a 915. But the best thing of this car is the engine. It’s simply glorious.

The estimated 300 hp output comes fra a 3.2 litre engine built on a 930/03 case from a 1978 SC. It has been modified with 98 mm Mahle pistons, DC40-108 cams, twin plugs, electronic fuel injection and SSI heat exchangers with a custom made sport muffler.

911 ST replica

If you looking for ways to build your very own Porsche 911 ST replica, I highly recommend this thread on the Pelican Parts forum:

Another ST built – this time from Denmark.

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