I am dreaming of a new 911 engine

I am dreaming of a new 911 engine

I’m dreaming of a new engine
Not like the one I used to know
Where the mufflers sputter and children shudder
When there’s thunder in the snow

I’m dreaming of a new engine
With every blogger post I write
May your drives be merry and bright
And may all your 911ses be light.

Not a 911 engine

Horsepower are addictive. It cannot be long before they come with a warning sign: “May cause daydreaming and explosive pecuniary diarrhoea.”

I still remember my very first horsepower. It was spring, I was 14 and I had just become the proud owner of a 50cc motorbike with a whooping effect of 1 hp. Now that might not be much, but that one horsepower was mine and mine alone. It got me where I wanted to go.

So I was happy. At least for a while. But as spring turned into summer the addiction had taken hold. Before long I browsed the classified ads in bike magazines in search of that intoxication substance: Horsepower!

Couple of weeks later – with the help of an illegal German tuning kit – I was doing 90 kmph on a public road with a broken front disc brake. Don’t do that at home! I was 14 and stupid.

Of course it’s not any different simply because I now own an old Porsche 911. They can always go faster. And they should! So lately I’ve found myself browsing way to many Ebay posts and Porsche forum sites. Because I got a bad case of horsepower itch and really, really want to swap my 2.7 litre 911 engine with a 3.0, 3.2 or maybe even 3.6.

No, scratch that last bit. I don’t believe for a second that a standard 915 gearbox can take the strain. Just look what the 230 hp from a 3.2 can do:


So that leaves me with the 3.0 or 3.2 option. Both of which are great engines with their individual pros and cons. The 3.0 will probably be the cheapest and the easiest to swap. But the 3.2 comes with more horsepower and – more importantly – a great electronic fuel injection with far better throttle response and fuel efficiency than the old CIS system.

Porsche gearheads seem to differ on the difficulty of the 2.7 911 engine to 3.2 swap. At a Porsche meet last summer I spoke with a guy who had done the swap. His advice was to forget all about it and go with the easy 3.0 solution instead.

But then there’s this other guy. He’s done it himself as well and wrote down what it takes. And frankly it doesn’t seem too difficult:


Of course there’s also another option. Swap to a 3.0 911 engine and tune the heck out of it with carbs, high compression pistons and sharper camshafts. But it will probably me much more expensive than the 3.2 swap and probably less driveable.

So, there you have it. No clear answers, no decisions. Just a bit of daydreaming on a dreary January day.

Oh, and you wouldn’t happen to have a 3.2 litre flat-six for sale, would you?

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