Porsche 911R videos

Porsche 911R in action – track day videos

Porsche 911R videos

24 people on this planet own a genuine Porsche 911R. And even fewer have the common sense to race them. Luckily some do – and even more luckily for the rest of us they capture it on video.

The Porsche 911R was Porsche’s first attempt large scale attempt at building a dedicated race version of the Porsche 911. You can read all about it here. It has become one of those cars everybody build a replica of.

Here you can see a selection of videos showing of the Porsche 911R’s performance on a race track:

A 2010 video from Abbeville race track

A Porsche 911R going sideways in 2009

A Belgian Porsche 911R (#20?) on the Abbeville track in 2010

Behind the wheels of a Porsche 911R



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