Porsche museum entrance

A visit to the Porsche museum

A visit to the Porsche museum

Sooner or later every true Porsche fan must wave the family goodbye and embark on a pilgrimage to Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, in order to worship at the Porsche museum. I went. And as expected it was great. But quite unexpectedly the most remarkable things were those that weren’t there.

Stuttgart is the home town of Porsche. The city’s name and rearing horse is even part of their logo. But you don’t realize exactly how intertwined Stuttgart and Porsche are, until you travel to the outskirts of Stuttgart, to Zuffenhausen and the vast factory complex around the Porsche Platz. This is clearly Porsche territory. So naturally it is here you’ll find the Porsche museum as well.

Delugan Meissl’s 100 million Euro design


I planned on arriving at 9 o’clock when the museum opened for a new business day. But the roads leading to the Porsche area were a glorious traffic jam of Porsche people in their Porsche cars driving to their Porsche jobs.

So I got there a little late, but it was worth it just to see the hordes of very similar looking office workers, parking their very similar looking cars, before they went to their probably very similar marketing jobs. It’s the same ceremony repeated in offices all over the world. Except these company men and women don’t drive black Audi station wagons or cheap knockoffs. They arrive in style in their black Caymans, Boxsters or 911s.

Anyway, I parked in the museum car park, and this was really where the exhibition began. The museum has quite a few cars parked down there, and a lot of visitors arrive in some very interesting looking cars. So, when you go, remember to spend a bit of time exploring the car park under the museum and the one across the street at the maintenance centre.

The exhibition changes from time to time. When I was there it was all about Porsche’s Le Mans history. So unfortunately the 911R and 911 RS, I really wanted to see, weren’t there. There was another strange omission. The museum had a picture of Ferdinand Porsche on a visit to the US in 1938. The next item in the museum’s chronology is labelled 1948. Somehow a decade had passed with nothing noteworthy to record. Right

While you ponder that fact, here are a few pics from the visit:

Porsche 360 Cisitalia at Porsche museum

The oldest Porsche 911 st the Porsche museum

Porsche museum

The 901 flat 6 at the Porsche museum in Stuttgart

Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum Porsche museum - Porsche 935 Porsche museum - Porsche 935 Porsche museum


The practicalities


Porscheplatz 1

You can park in the car park beneath the museum.


Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The museum is closed on Mondays, and the museum shop opens at 10 a.m.



€ 8 admission
€ 4 parking ticket

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