Porsches at Spa Classic 2013

Going to Spa Classic 2015

Going to Spa Classic 2015

When Herr Schmidt from Düsseldorf wants to take his Mercedes for a bit of a drive, he has 12,917 kilometres of Autobahn to choose from for absolutely nothing. Up until now the same goes for Senor Garcia from Valencia and Miss Petersen from Denmark.

But that is all about to change. Because the Bavarian CSU party has decided to throw the local anti-EU lobby a bone. And what a silly bone it is. Soon a new law will introduce road tolls on the German Autobahn. But unlike similar systems in Italy and France they will be aimed exclusively at non-Germans. Sure, Herr Schmidt will have to pay as well. But because he is a German citizen, he will be able to deduct the full amount in his car tax.

So for all intents and purposes only foreigners will have to pay the road toll. Now, you might think that there is a purpose to the whole thing. Maybe the Germans need the money so they can lend them to the Greeks? But no. The bureaucracy and the necessary road toll infrastructure will cost just as much as the tolls will bring in.

The result? Hassle, more queues and points to those people who dream of border guards, pass port control and a thousand different standards for AC plugs.

I bring this up because this summer will see yet another road trip on that asphalt paradise the Germans call an Autobahn. Together with a handful of people I haven’t met yet, I will be going to Spa Classic 2015. A historic racing event that has been held since 2011. Here’s a little video to show you what it is all about:

On the way there we will make a minor detour to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, where we have booked a factory tour. Time permitting we’ll go for a few laps of the Nürburg Ring on our way from Stuttgart to Spa.

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