Ring Knutstorp

Thank you Sweden!

Track day at Ring Knutstorp April 2015

Experts are great – as long as they stick to the subject they earned their expert laurels in. As inspiring it can be to listen to Stephen Hawkings talk about the theory of everything, just as mind-numbing it can be to listen to, say, a famous investment banker talk about compassion.

A few years ago, while trying to melt into my couch, I happened to come across an old interview with Danish actor Jesper Klein who died in 2011, 237 years old. He was talking about his career and everything was fine, I was slowly drifting into sleep. But then he changed the subject and started to rant about some long lost war against Sweden.

Suddenly this kind-looking man, known and loved for his endearing roles, was foaming at the mouth and just a brain fart short from declaring war on Sweden to get the long lost Danish lands of Scania, Halland and Blekinge back.

And for what? It’s great to have Sweden so close by! It’s a laugh when they move their fun little faces and yap about “köttbullar” and “jordgubbar”, their most famous candy is shaped like a car, and you can legally go 100 kilometres an hour on their country roads! Best of all: They don’t view car racing as tantamount to raping a baby seal whilst wearing a SS Death Heads cap. In fact you just have to drive 1.5 hour from Copenhagen to find a great little race track called Knutstorp.

Porsches lined up at Ring Knutstorp

I was there last Saturday for this year’s first track day, my second overall. And it was spectacular. Especially that moment when I missed my breaking point after the straight, my left hand front wheel blocked and I got taken for a ride that ended in the gravel. I have been digging out small stones from my fenders and wheel bases ever since.

Lessons learned? Check the brakes, change the tyres and install a tow hook, so next time I don’t have to take the embarrassing ride back to the pit lane on the blade of a bulldozer.

Orange Porsche 911 at Ring Knutstorp

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