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Stop what you’re doing and tune in to Jeff!

Home Built by Jeff is pure Porsche 911 entertainment

Say hi to Jeff, your run-of-the-mill Aussie. He lives in a house made of koalas, kisses his wife on Facebook and probably loves to hang out for a barbie and a six-pack of Carlton with his mates. But fortunately for Porsche fans all over the world, there’s another side to Jeff as well.

Home Built by Jeff - Wait whaat? Koala

Whether it is due to the heat of the Sydney sun, or the constant strain of blood rushing to his face from walking upside down, Jeff has gotten a severe case of the Porsche flu. So in what probably seemed like a great idea at the moment, he decided to build a hot rod out of a very tired looking 1974 911 AND to document the entire process on YouTube to the joy of thousands around the globe.

I only recently discovered his YouTube series “Home Built by Jeff”. And it happened quite by accident. I was home alone, having called in dying with fever and explosive nose diarrhoea, and was watching old Porsche 911 race documentaries on YouTube, when his channel suddenly popped up.

Then I watched 24 videos in a row, ate a bucket of Ben & Jerries Cookie Dough Ice Cream and fell asleep.

After my miraculous and unexpected recovery I’ve decided to spread the word. Because “Home Built by Jeff” is a fantastic channel for any Porsche fan who ever toyed with the idea of a home-build. Jeff obviously knows his way around a car, but he combines his craftsmanship with the ability to make viewers believe that they could tackle the same project with ease. And if you check out some of his non-911 related videos he’ll even teach you how the make a spray booth in your garage or a welding trolley.

Heck, he’s so down-to-earth convincing that I myself nearly got up from my Couch of Miserable Suffering and went down to the garage to start hammering away at my old banger of a 911. Luckily another gooey run on the sneeze train made me think again thus saving me and my car from irreversible damage.


The homes of Home Built by Jeff

Do yourself a favour and start following the “Home Built by Jeff” YouTube channel here. There are 27 episodes at the time of writing covering every detail from stripping the car to striping it. You can of course just watch them all in one go right now. Simply start here:


If that’s not enough for you there’s also a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, where I nicked this picture:

Jeff builds a roll cage – at home.


And if you want to dive deep, deep into Porsche nerd country then there’s the mother of it all: The original thread on the Pelican Parts Forum.


But wait, there’s more

Since you are here, reading this article about a Porsche 911 rebuild on a Porsche blog, you’re of course mostly interested in 911 RSR rebuild, Jeff is doing. But there’s more in store for the petrol-head.

In his “Home Built by Jeff” series, he has also tackled a ’71 Datsun 240Z, a ’73 Alfa Romeo GTV, a ’71 VW Beetle and others. Right from panel and rust repair, to paint, roll cage, interior and engine rebuilds.

Jeff is a firefighter by trade. Considering how Australia is pretty much a constant powder keg, I have absolutely no idea how he finds the time or even the money to do is projects. For those who really need to know, he talks at lenght about getting started as a Youtuber right here. I for one won’t mind supporting his projects and get one of the hoodies, tees or mugs available in the “Home Built by Jeff” store.

Let’s end this with a 4 minute time-lapse of Jeff’s Porsche 911 RSR build:


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