Information regarding Porsche vehicles used for sports purposes

Porsche’s 1968 guide on how to build a 911 race car

Porsche’s 1968 guide on how to build a 911 race car

“Information Regarding PORSCHE Vehicles Used for Sports Purposes”, is the tantalizing title of Porsche’s own 1968 guide on how to turn your early 911 into a proper race car.

The Porsche 911 was launched in 1963. But it took Porsche another 4 years to build a dedicated race version; the super rare Porsche 911R. It featured a lightweight steel body fitted with fiberglass doors, deck-lids and bumpers, Plexiglas side windows and other weight-saving trickery, which reduced the car’s weight to 810 kg. Combined with a 210 bhp, Carrera 6-derived flat-6 or a 4-cam 230 bhp engine its performance was impressive for its day.

But only 24 cars were ever built. All other late-60’s Porsche 911 race cars were based on the L, T or S models and Porche’s own guide on how to turn them into rally or race tracks cars.

Porsche notified prospective racers that, “These modifications may put the vehicle outside the licensing requirements of the individual local authorities which will mean that it can no longer be used in public traffic”. Then they went on to cover everything from rally engine modifications to serious weight shedding.

Even nowadays, the guide is a great starting point for anyone interested in building a hot rod with the spirit of the earliest Porsche 911 race cars. You can read it here.


PORSCHE Vehicles Used for Sports Purposes - Porsche 911R

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